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Prunings and Woody Stuff
These can be hard to compost, especially in a smaller garden. They take up a lot of space and are tough to cut up in to smaller bits.

decide whether you could reuse any of the branching stems as plant supports. Straight poles are good for runner beans.
Store them upright in a sheltered place until you are ready to use them.

if you have a wood burning stove will any of the twiggy bits make kindling. You will need to leave them to dry for a while before using.

do you have a rotary mower: this will chop up and collect small twiggy bits.
Collect thin twigs in to a shallow heap; slowly lower the mower on to the heap allowing it to break up the woody stuff.

do you have a shredder to reduce the rest to a manageable pile that will fit in your compost bin? Shredders can be hired.

make a ‘Dead Hedge’. This is an organised heap for woody stuff that is left to slowly rot down and provide shelter for a range of beneficial wildlife.

Sawdust and bark need different treatment.

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