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In the wild, compost worms live mainly near the surface of the soil, feeding on decaying plants and leaves. They love living worms in leavesin the bottom of compost heaps and bins where thereís lots to chomp through.

We let them help us make good compost out of all our fruit and vegetable waste. We keep them in a wormery and give them all they want to eat. They make wormcast out of our rubbish. This is the richest compost we can get Ė and itís free!

If you are one of the Scottish Borders Primary Schools setting up your Wormery with ASK Organic, first look at our School Wormery Leaflet

To help you look after your worms go to Itís a Wormís Life

Play some Worm Games and download some more Worm Work from Worming out the Facts

More detailed information in Worms and Wormeries

[These pages, and the school wormery programme, are funded by Scottish Borders Council's Waste Aware Scottish Borders Campaign.]