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seasonal tips and advice
Some home composting difficulties crop up at any time of year, others usually occur at a particular season. Here are articles that may help you solve your problems:

Perennial problems
Baffled by choice - Which Compost Bin to Choose
If you can't find one to suit make your own - see DIY Compost Bins
ow do I know if my compost is ready to use?
How long does it take to make compost?
How quickly do different ingredients rot down?
Is your compost slimy and smelly? - solve the problem.
How to compost sawdust, wood shavings and bark
Tea bags can be composted
If you produce too much to compost Minimise your garden waste
If you can't yet produce sufficient compost you may have to decide which commercial compost to buy
How to know when your compost is ready
Are there some plants you should not compost? See Composting Toxic Plants for guidance.

Winter problems
Ideas for composting prunings
Recycle your Christmas decorations and use them in the garden.
Winter Composting - What to do when your home compost bin is working too slowly
You can even keep composting in the snow
What is the temperature of a compost bin in winter?

Spring Problems
Get you compost bin ready for spring
Warm up your compost in the spring
Use your compost in spring
Restarting your home compost bin in the spring.
How to make your own compost mixes
Why moss takes so long to rot down

Summer Problems
Making the most of your compost bin in summer.
Composting lawn clippings that have been treated with herbicide
Composting toxic plants you have cut
back or pruned
Use weeds to make your own liquid feeds
Composting weeds and diseased plants
Dry weather composting

Autumn problems

Dealing with the Autumn Clearing - shredding and more
Composting in autumn means dealing with heaps of leaves and piles of prunings
Composting toxic plants
Dealing with Prickly Prunings
Leaves are not a problem - they make wonderful leafmould
Composting pond weed is a good thing

Using your compost - make the most of your composting efforts. Watch our video to discover why home made is best.
Making your own compost mixes
Make your own liquid feeds from comfrey and nettles
Use your own plant supports
Composting in a Bag - how to get rid of kitchen waste and revive spent compost
Composting for Wildlife
Make a Dead Hedge

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