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Worm out the answers to these quizzes!
[Your teacher will tell you which ones to try]    Write your answers on a sheet of paper.

1)worm count
How many worms can you count in this picture?

How many different kinds of worm food are there?

worm babies

                                                                        Baby worms
                                                                        and a newly
                                                                    hatched cocoon

Fill in the missing letters to complete these sentences

A. Worms make good co_ _ _ _ _
B. Worms like their bin c _ _ _ and moist
C. Worms like to eat pa_ _ _ _ and ban_ _ _ _ _ _
D. Baby worms hatch out of eggs or coc_ _ _ _
E. Worms donít like to eat or_ _ _ _ _ or l_ _ _ _ _

Worm Count 2

A. How many of these things would the worms like to eat?

B. How many would they not like to eat?

There are worm word searches in Worm Quizzes and more worm games in Worming out the Facts.