Making good Compost

How to compost

Composting safely

Your compost ingredients

Emptying your bin

To Turn or not to Turn?

How long to compost?

Worms and Wormeries

Topical Composting

Compost kitchen waste

Too much grass


Leaves for Leafmould

Prickly prunings


Advice sheets

More compost answers

Our new leaflets on home composting are ready for you to download.

how to make good compostmaking good compost

using compost in the garden

composting grass        mowings    composting kitchen waste

composting woody material

composting perennial weeds                  making a New Zealand Box

using a wormery                  unwelcome guests

Autumn Clearing - what to do with the heaps of prunings

Composting in a Bag - Reinvigorate spent compost and dispose of kitchen waste all in one go.

Reduce your Garden Waste   Reuse your Garden Waste   Recycle your Garden Waste

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