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Woodside composting display 2012For the past 13 years ASK Organic has organised and run a home composting display within Woodside.
On Sunday 18th October 2015 we closed the home composting display for good - it will not reopen in spring 2016.

We have enjoyed talking to you all over the years and hope that we have both encouraged you to start making compost and helped you make more and better compost.

Information will continue to be available on this website

If you haven't already received a home compost bin from Scottish Borders Council, you can still get a free one, 1 per household. You must be a resident of the Scottish Borders. Phone 0300 100 1800.
Scottish Borders Council

For advice  contact us through this website.

For information about Woodside Plant Centre Tel 01835 830315; email or visit

This Home Composting Display has been funded by Scottish Borders Council and organised and run by ASK Organic. We are very grateful to Woodside for  having hosted this composting display.

Woodside Walled Garden is near Harestanes Visitor Centre, on B6400, east off the A68 three miles north of Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders.
The garden is open daily to the public.