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    home compost binASK, the composting experts, have been working with householders in the Scottish Borders to help them turn their kitchen and garden waste in to first rate compost.

    To find out more about home composting follow the links to the side and discover how to solve all your composting problems.

    If you don't know what to do  with your garden rubbish try our Garden Waste Solutions for advice

    The weather is still cold and we are not yet spending much time in the garden. There is still lots of kitchen waste to compost and little fibrousy stuff from the garden. But your bin will keep working as long as you keep adding some material -and it may be hotter than you think!

    If your compost bin is becoming slimy and soggy with kitchen waste try composting in a bag.

    Many of us have wood burning stoves: it is fine to compost wood ash, but not coal ash. Mix the wood ash in to the top layer of material in your compost bin to stop it forming a solid layer. If you cut your own logs find out what to do with sawdust and bark.

    If you plan to make changes to your garden, it is a good idea to take into account and plan for the waste that those changes will generate. Often a few simple tweaks will minimise problems.

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    ASK have been working with Scottish Borders Council to provide advice and support for those householders who make compost at home. We have a comprehensive set of leaflets designed to help you make better compost. These explain the best ways of making good compost, how to use compost in the garden and how to deal with all the address composting problems you may have.

    Though the Home Composting Display within Woodside Walled Garden has closed for good, there is still lots of free advice on this website and ASK will continue to  answer your composting questions by phone or by email.

    Watch our Home Composting video to see how best to make your own compost.
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