It may be cold or even snowy but home compost bins will still work if you keep adding to them.

Seasonal Tips for more composting advice, or contact us if you have a question.

Do some "plastic" wrappers break down in a home compost bin - it depends...

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Organic Gardening

red cabbageFind help with growing your own fruit and veg organically; get tips on maintaining a sustainable, healthy and diverse garden.
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comfreyWe can solve all your questions about home composting.
Since 1995, ASK Organic have been advising thousands of householders on how to make good compost from their garden rubbish. ASK Organic is in partnership with Scottish Borders Council to advise householders about home composting.

The Home Composting pages are supported by
Scottish Borders Council Reduce Reuse Recycle.


veg on tableASK Organic Home Cooking provides seasonal recipes and ideas for making the most of your produce. Whether you have grown it yourself, subscribed to a box scheme or bought local, these recipes will help you serve up delicious and interesting meals.
Fresh seasonal food tastes best, is packed with more nutrients and reduces those food miles.

Celery and Celeriac at their best