Organic Gardening

Grow your own fruit

Grow your own veg

Grow your own herbs

Grow your own flowers

Garden for wildlife


Why garden organically?

ASK Organic, Scotland's leading experts on organic gardening, want to show you how everything in your garden can be managed organically.
An organic garden
We will help you learn how to:

Grow your own organic fruit, herbs & veg
Care for borders, shrubs, trees and lawns organically

Attract wildlife to the garden

And how to make your gardening more interesting and productive

ASK Organic partner, Dave Allan, is The Herald’s gardening columnist. His weekly articles for the newspaper’s Saturday magazine are posted on this website. His column is aimed at the enquiring and discerning gardener. He gives practical advice on gardening methods and also points to the importance of gardens and gardening to people in the past. He explains what plants need to grow well and why we garden the way we do. He unmasks gardening myths and nonsense that have been believed for generations, like ‘rhubarb shouldn’t be composted’. He explains why ‘parsnips taste better after a touch of frost’, rather than slavishly repeating that they do.

Organic gardeners respect the bond that links all living creatures together. We recognise that this delicate web of life and interdependence could be damaged if synthetic chemicals, weedkillers and fungicides are sprayed onto plants or the ground. Organic gardening is about how to garden sustainably and how to work with and respect our many garden residents. We aim to make our gardens healthy and diverse spaces that will be of benefit to future generations.

It is also rewarding, healthy and fun.

Download these leaflets to help you get started growing your own

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