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geraniumsThe whole garden space deserves to be treated organically. This means growing ornamentals, as well as edibles – fruit, veg and herbs - using organic methods.
Selecting plants that are well suited to your garden, and the time you can lavish on them, helps prevent problems. Dave Allan has chosen flowers he finds attractive and often grows in his own garden. These flowers should grow well in Scotland and similar challenging places. They are nearly always hardy or very hardy, capable of withstanding low winter temperatures and less than ideal summers.

In this section, we help you decide which flowers to grow by:

Describing different species – how they grow and where they grow well
Where different species originate and how people have used them in the past
Flowers best suited for different parts of the garden – damp places, shady places, and, of course, sunny spots

Plants for Coastal Gardens   
Climbers for shady places    Bulbs for shady places

Hardy Annuals    Flowers for cutting....Dividing herbaceous perennials

Crocuses    Dianthus    Fritillaries    Hardy Geraniums    Primulas