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Grow your own herbs

Herb gardenWhatever the size of your garden, you can always grow herbs and grow them organically.
Most are very easy but even the toughest need a little care and attention.
Many herbs grow well in pots and window boxes, so you don't even need a garden to be able to cook with your own herbs and improve the taste and flavour of any dish.

Some herbs, like sage and thyme, grow well in containers or in the open ground and are hardy enough to survive the winter there. Other herbs, like basil and coriander, are best protected in a greenhouse. Find out how to give the herbs you grow the conditions they need.

Dave Allan, ‘The Herald’s’ gardening columnist, shows which herbs will grow well in your garden. He explains why you must grow herbs, like rosemary and savory, in hot sunny places, and how these herbs cope with the baking sun that would kill many plants.

Find out how and when to harvest and dry herbs and how to have your own fresh or dried herbs all year round.

How to store your own herbs

Drying Herbs

Herbs for dry places

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