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Grow Your Own Organic Fruit

There are lots of good reasons to grow your own fruit:

• It's easy. You only need to tend most fruit trees and bushes once a year – apart from picking the delicious produce.

• Your garden will look beautiful. Most garden fruits have attractive blossom in the spring and the ripe fruits are very decorative as well.

• There are fruits to suit any space you have. Some fruit bushes, like strawberries, are very small and you can even grow dwarfing apple trees in a large pot. There are varieties to suit every garden.

• Growing fruit gives structure to your garden space. Train fruit bushes and trees along a fence or wall. Use them to provide height and individual focal points or to divide a garden into different areas.

• You’ll have lots of fresh, delicious and healthy fruit for free.
Organic fruit
Read Dave’s articles to learn how to plant, grow, harvest and prune the fruit you love to eat. And learn some quirky facts...

• Why did 18th Century publicans offer raspberries in brandy, rather than with cream?

• And why are strawberries red?

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