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Grow your own organic vegetables

There are lots of good reasons to grow your own veg and more and more people are producing at least some of what they eat.

Grow your own organic vegetablesWhether from a few pots on the patio, an allotment, a potager or a traditional kitchen garden, freshly picked vegetables are bursting with flavour.

But there are even more reasons to grow your own than enjoying the taste:

▪ You will have a greater choice of types and varieties of veg that you like - here's some help with deciding which ones to grow.

▪ You don’t have to worry about pesticide residues

▪ Your veg will have minimal food miles

▪ And you will have the satisfaction of picking and eating something that you have grown yourself

Here you’ll learn how to grow your own – how to sow, grow on and look after your plants. You’ll find out what could go wrong and how to get the best results.

And there’s more. Dave Allan, ‘The Herald’s’ gardening expert, describes how some of these vegetables were grown in the past. He also explains the science that makes plants grow well or badly. When you understand a problem, it’s so much easier to sort it out. And, by the way, what do people who hate ‘bitter’ Brussels sprouts have in common with Neanderthals? Find out here!

Read on to get it right.

Sowing seed
Sowing early veg

Asparagus - how to grow your own
Broad Beans - how to grow the best
Broccoli - which varieties to grow
Carrots - how to store your crop  recipes in Carrots
Celeriac and Celery - how to get the best crop - recipes in Celery
Courgettes - ways to ensure a reliable harvest recipes in Courgettes
Kale - How to grow this hardy crop
Lettuces  - when to sow different lettuces
Onions - How best to harvest and store your crop
Potatoes- choosing seed potatoes
Tomatoes and peppers - when to sow