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Cooking with fresh, seasonal veg

veg on tableCooking and eating food you have produced yourself is one of life’s great pleasures. Whether you have grown and cooked everything on the table or just the sprinkling of chives on top of the dish you have a wonderful sense of satisfaction that “that is all my own work”.

I have been lucky to have a large garden, a dedicated veg grower for a husband and a family of enthusiastic and discriminating consumers. The family have been flat dwellers reliant on the vagaries of bought fruit and veg, as I am when crisis looms. Buying local, seasonal veg means it's fresher and better tasting and that you appreciate more what is available, rather than eating the same things all year. It is of course much better for the environment and very probably for you, too. So these recipes are for everyone who cares about fresh fruit and vegetables and who hopes to grow something for themselves.

For most of the recipes I have given exact quantities, times and temperatures but some are variations on a theme and for these I hope you will use your judgement about what balance of flavours will appeal to you. As cooks we constantly adapt and my aim is to give you fresh ideas about what to do when there are only carrots left in the box, you have gone through every courgette recipe known to humankind or have a handful of the first mange-tout peas to feed four. Bon appetit!

We arrange our recipes according to vegetable, giving you some tips on picking, choosing and preparing, and within each vegetable section the recipes are grouped according to season, for those vegetables and fruits that span more than one season of the year.