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Leek and Bacon Sticks

These make a virtue out of those embarrassingly thin leeks that you have been leaving all winter in the hope that they will grow. You can also use thinnings or those left in the nursery bed as back up. If you only have enormous leeks cut them into quarters to make the sticks.

Leek and Bacon sticksTime taken 30 minutes         Serves 4 as a starter, 2 as a main course

 8 small leeks or 2 big leeks quartered
8 rashers of streaky bacon, smoked
sunflower oil
grated nutmeg
pepper and a little salt if the bacon is mild
Wash and trim the leeks but leave little ones as long as you can. Pour some oil into a flat dish, add the nutmeg and pepper, stir to mix. Roll the pieces of leek in the seasoned oil and then wrap a rasher of bacon round the leek, spiralling it along the leek.
Cook the sticks under a moderate grill, so they cook through before they burn, until the bacon looks crispy and the leeks are soft. Wait a couple of minutes before eating or you may get a spurt of hot leek juice down your chin!
They are delicious served on a bed of mashed potatoes, particularly one of the Mashes with more.