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Rhubarb Sauce

A deliciously piquant sauce that is excellent with grilled or roast pork or roast duck. We prefer it to apple sauce. If there is any left over, add a little more sugar to taste and stir it into good plain yoghurt for a lovely dessert.

Serves 4                                                                    Time taken - half an hour

rhubarb sauce250g trimmed and chopped rhubarb
2 level teaspoons sugar
1 clove
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon ground ginger

Put the prepared rhubarb into a small stainless steel or enamelled saucepan, sprinkle over the sugar and put it somewhere warm for about twenty minutes until the juices from the rhubarb start to run. Do not add water or the sauce will end up far too runny.
Then add the spices and put over a low heat to cook, stirring, until the rhubarb has softened but not completely collapsed. Fish out the clove and keep warm until you are ready to serve it.